Who are we and what do we do?

UltraTeb is the first electronically financed trade platform for medical consumables and supplies. We aim to satisfy the expanding market of medical supplies, while also simplifying the financial and logistic cycle. This helps you focus on issues that really matter in running your medical business!

Why should I buy on UltraTeb?

There are many reasons to buy all your medical consumable needs on UltraTeb.com. Discover all the benefits we offer here!

Access More Vendors

Gain access to a wider set of vendors from every governorate in Egypt, overcoming 

Have Better Cashflow

Matched cashflow balanced by UltraTeb financial partners to help increase your profitability

Streamlined Logistics

Easier management of deliveries and decreased delivery costs are some of the many benefits gained!

Meet our Team!

The brilliant people who make up UltraTeb!

“Peace through global trade”

- Dr Khaled Dabees

Dr. Khaled Dabees

CEO of UltraTeb

President of African Society of Scientific Research and Technology | CEO of Africa Commerce Vision | CEO of AB Care Medical Technology | Managing Director Ultra Elaj | Professor of Urology

Dr. Yasmeen Dabees

Chairman of Board of UltraTeb

Mr. Mohamed Hany

COO of UltraTeb

Dr. Mohamed Dabees

CTO of UltraTeb